Another Day


There hasn’t been anything interesting about today, really.  I spent the last few days working on a translation project, so I spent today catching up on the rest of my life.  My big accomplishment was sweeping and hosing down the porch and driveway.  We have chickens and chickens are not potty-trained.  So that was fun.

We also paid our rent today.  I brought two of my daughters with me.  Our car is still with the mechanic, so I called a taxi when it was time to go.  While making a three point turn at our gate, the taxi driver got his truck stuck in a ditch.  He went and got our neighbors and, with a half-dozen people pushing, we got the car out of the ditch.

I managed to pay rent, buy a few groceries, drinking water and “gas” (propane), along with food for the animals.  Coming home, I was aware that getting up the driveway might be tricky.  The driveway is still wet from yesterday’s torrential downpour, which can make it impossible for taxis to make it up our driveway.  However, we had enough weight in the back of the returning taxi that it was able to make it up to the house.

We’re in a sort of limbo right now, not knowing if and when we are moving.  I am not going to rehome animals until/unless we know for certain that there is a job for Michael in Alaska.  We just had six baby goats born within the past couple weeks–and there are still more to come.

Our pony, Ayla, is also pregnant.  She should foal at the end of September or early October.  A red stallion smelled her from far away and decided that she needed his help.  He jumped our fence and romped around with her for a month until his owner came for him.  Our gelding learned that “three’s a crowd” and was very happy to see him go!


Another recent highlight is that we butchered our big female pig last Saturday.  Three Ecuadorian friends of ours did most of the work, but we helped too!  The meat is in the deep freezer for a month to make sure that any Trichinosis eggs die.  And we have many pounds of rendered fat that should last for a long time.  Maybe I’ll make soap…

With all these baby animals being born, I struggle with the idea of moving far away to a life without them.  We are closer than ever to our dream of being off grid and reasonably self-sufficient.  We have chickens, goats, pigs, bees and horses, not to mention our five dogs and two cats.  Garfield, who just came in a window, says hello.  Rebekah has pet birds that she loves.  If only we had our own little piece of land, it would be just about perfect.

We’ll see what God’s plan is for us.  One thing I’ve learned is patience.  Whatever God has in store for us, His plans are good and He loves us.  He may not get us from Point A to Point B the way we think He should, but it will make sense later.

Belle (our Corgi) says she needs to go outside, so I’m going to sign off for now.  Animals are great at telling us not to worry the big picture.  “Pet me,” they say.  So we do.



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